Wednesday, December 31, 2008

When you live in the tropics

your first trip to the swimming pool comes early on in life.
Here are some of the other things Finn has been up to in his first month!

Sleeping with Dad

Finding fingers and toes

Being thoroughly loved by his older brother

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Round-up

Once again Santa found us in the Philippines. This was the first time in our 3 Christmas' here that we actually stayed in the city. It was nice to be home for the Holidays.
We spent Christmas Eve with great friends (Ben&Marissa and Bob&Kathy) where Holden found the wishbone and devoured the turkey leg.

Thumbs up for the wishbone

Nate and the very edible turkey: Finn

They boys with "Grandpa" Bob and "Aunt" Kathy

Holden with Ben and Marisa

It was a great night followed by Christmas morning when Holden did us the honor of sleeping in past 8am (unheard of these days)

This year we started a new tradition with gifts and it worked our wonderfully. In addition to Santa loot everyone gets gifts that each fall into one of five categories: READ, WEAR, WANT, NEED, EAT. Finnley was the most difficult to buy for as his want need and eat are all the same thing...milk! It was fun to find something that fit into each category that was special. I think it was a success and something we will follow each year.

As their "wear" the little boys both got matching speedos.
Santa made sure Holden was well taken care of with the only thing he asked for: star wars legos. Mom and dad came through with experiment kits to last the year and he had plenty of other gifts from friends and family.
Finnley ended up with various things he won't need for 8 more months but hey, Santa had to bring him something!

As per usual, Nate delivered in perfect style all the things he knows I love; jewelery, bags and clothes. He got a few surprises himself including a pair of cuff links with the boys names and birth years.
All in, it was a great day we were just missing out on a few key grandparents aunts uncles and cousins!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

It's Christmas in Manila

Wishing you the very best this season!

Our family at Christmas Eve festivities.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Girls in white dresses with blue satin sashes, snowflakes that stay on my nose and eyelashes

These are a few of my favorite things!

Five years between kids leaves the powers that be plenty of time to come up with new baby gadgets and things labeled as "must-haves." I am a sucker for new gadgets that make my life easier/cuter/more convenient/happier.

Babylegs. I laughed (out loud) when I first saw these little leg warmers in bright colors and fun patterns. I thought what a waste of money. Guess what. I LOVE THEM. I love them because I live in Manila where babies go from cold aircon to hot humid and muggy twenty times a day and layering is kind of important. I love them because they are colorful and match nothing and I love them because when I see them on my twig-legged little man they make me smile.

Metrowrap (in bling) pirate booty to be specific. Finnroe is a snuggle-bug. He won't wake, won't cry, won't budge when he is wrapped close to me in his pirate gear. You should see the looks we get. He snuggles in so well that folks here can't tell if I am pregnant, have a tumor or am smuggling a dog or baby around. But hey at least we have some glamour when we are out and about.

Bugaboo. Ah the zen stroller. Manila is NOT stroller friendly. Bumpy sidewalks, stairs with no ramps, elevators that don't always work. It's easier to wrap and carry the deuce around but when we do decide to take the stroller out and about, the bugaboo is the way to do it. Not only that BUT Nate recently did a number on it and they have THE BEST customer service EVER. The warranty is 2 years and they are replacing our defective one when we are stateside early next year. They obviously don't outsource their customer service and you certainly do get what you pay for with bugaboo!
Last but not least (and I am sure there is more to come) Zara Kids. Cute soft and the ONLY thing that will fit littlest guy right now. I just wish they had a bigger selection in Manila.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

The May Boys

Prepare yourself...there are more to come. I mean photos of course, not children. :)


Finn needs a passport. For that he needs a photo. Actually he needs two of them. Identical 2x2 sized ones. On a white background. Sitting upright. Without assistance (ie: no arms or hands of mom and dad showing.) With his eyes open.

Are you laughing yet?

We accomplished that today. I consider it a successful day, don't you?

Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Christmas and Merry Birthday

It's a chaotic time of year for everyone and I certainly fall into the category of "chicken without a head." So much so that I gave up control over something I never allow anyone to do: gift wrap. It's my niche, I'm good at it and what more, I like it. A lot.

But between the feeding and the diapers and the answering of random 5 year-old inquiries and listening to the components of each tinker toy and lego creation while balancing a nursing child and combing the blonde head of another well lets just say I relinquished control of some last minute gift wrapping.

The other day our dear friends had a birthday party for their 2 year-old. I asked one of our helpers to wrap the gift in anything BUT Christmas paper and this is what I left the house with:

A few days later I asked another one to wrap a Christmas gift for Holden's teacher in Christmas paper and nothing says Merry Christmas like pink yellow and orange, right?

Ah the joys of giving up control.

Monday, December 15, 2008

How appropriate

Do you remember when Holden was the devil?

Well, yesterday he had a chance to redeem himself in full angel wings. This time he was playing cupid for a Valentine's spread for a local department store.

True model form: on the psp between shoots.

Holden News

It's been a crazy few weeks for Holden. Adjusting to a new member of the family is a challenge. He adores Finnley and is always wanting to love on him but something is different in his life and he isn't quite sure what it is. At least he isn't taking it out on the little one, only mom and dad are made to suffer through the tantrums. It's only been 2 weeks and we are improving by the day so we may survive! He is funnier than ever though.

"Dad, was Dr. Seuss real?"
"Real like a human or real like a plate?"

Thai boxer thanks to Uncle Jeffrey and Ico for the bangin shorts!

He is constantly putting random letters together and asking us what they spell. The other day he actually made a real word, although I'm not sure I like it.
"How about instead of spelling mom M-O-M we spell it D-O-P-E-Y. What does that spell?"

He sings this Tagalog song ALL THE TIME, in rounds and it's cute, the first 10 times. The other day he was testing us (in the car of all places) by singing it over and over and over and when we asked him to stop for a bit his response was pure teenager; "You're just jealous of my song!"

To a lady at the mall while waiting for Santa. "Teacher or whoever you are. I'm a movie star and friends with the elves and my dad has been to the north pole." If we leave him alone for 5 minutes the world knows our life history (remind you of anyone...Aunt Tana, I think you were like this!)

He is really enjoying T-ball now so my plan has worked! The entire league is cute as snot in their little uniforms.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Can I hold Deuce?

In typical Holden form, everything he decides to do is on his terms. He has been very proud and very excited about little Deuce but hadn't wanted to hold him until the other morning when he finally asked.

And here is what Finnley thought of the whole thing.

Precious Finn at 2 weeks

A day full of Christmas

It's coming on fast this holiday called Christmas and we are in the full swing of things from Christmas parties to cookie decorating.

Holden was so very excited to see Santa today. Of course, Santa was on Filipino time and so we had to waste an hour shopping around waiting for him. Holden entertained the elves and fairies with various Tagalog songs and phrases guaranteeing his slot as the first one in line and extra time with the big man in red. Nate calls him "the nation builder" as he is always creating new relationships. It gets him ahead...extra scoops of ice cream, larger cotton candy bundles, etc. He is onto something! Finnley slept right through Santa, but Holden was sure to order some toys up for him too.

We also went back to the cake shop to decorate a gingerbread house. You really can't beat having the gingerbread already baked, cut and made ready to decorate. Complete with frosting bottles and sprinkles and accessories. We did our part making a mess and it turned out pretty darn cute.

Saturday, December 06, 2008


Adjusting is what we are doing here in the May household. Adjusting to a bed full of 8 arms and 8 legs. One 5 year old who sleeps like a starfish, one snoring daddy, one nursing mommy and one little bundle of grunts and groans. It's a beautiful thing NOW but the first couple of days were a steep learning curve. If there had been a camera on us the first night home it would have been an instant hit comedy routine. I am happy to say Finnley has blessed us by sleeping 4 to 5 hours straight at night. Oh happy day.
We are also adjusting to Nama (Nate's mom) being gone. She was here for 10 days and was such a help making sure Holden felt extra loved during this big transition. He hauled her all over Manila from school to the pool to the aquarium and movie theatre and everywhere in between. The whole family enjoyed time at the bazaar shopping up a storm and a trip up to the Taal volcano in Tagaytay for a restful "Christmas" lunch.

Decorating cookies at the cake shop.
Out to lunch (Holden loves pushing the stroller and I think Finnley may like the roller coaster ride too)