Friday, December 19, 2008

Happy Christmas and Merry Birthday

It's a chaotic time of year for everyone and I certainly fall into the category of "chicken without a head." So much so that I gave up control over something I never allow anyone to do: gift wrap. It's my niche, I'm good at it and what more, I like it. A lot.

But between the feeding and the diapers and the answering of random 5 year-old inquiries and listening to the components of each tinker toy and lego creation while balancing a nursing child and combing the blonde head of another well lets just say I relinquished control of some last minute gift wrapping.

The other day our dear friends had a birthday party for their 2 year-old. I asked one of our helpers to wrap the gift in anything BUT Christmas paper and this is what I left the house with:

A few days later I asked another one to wrap a Christmas gift for Holden's teacher in Christmas paper and nothing says Merry Christmas like pink yellow and orange, right?

Ah the joys of giving up control.


Julie said...

So my new idea is that you tell them the opposite of what you really want and then you'll always get what you're after!!!

These stories always give me a smile.

Alysia Cook said...

Here's to survival. Today I put Tyler in the cute outfit that you bought for Brad when he was born and he looked really have long lasting good taste.