Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Holdenisms and more

"Morgan was a little frisky when I was at her house the other day." If you know Morgan then this quote is even funnier!

While playing GO FISH; "Dad, do you have any leroy lobsters?"
"Nope. GO FISH."
"GO FISH straight away? Mommmmma Miiiiiiiiiiiia!"

After posing for a photograph; "Maybe my cheeks are made of roses."

Overheard the other morning while entertaining himself with GI Joe guys; "You will never get away with your diabolical plan."

"Mom, tell Dad you are breaking up with him and going to marry me."

Is that the cutest? I think I am going to eat him for dessert tonight. Seriously.


I am going to all lengths of medical care to fix myself. Here is the latest in the quest to remedy my lovely sciatic nerve. It's stubborn. Even when I talk nice to it, it refuses to correct itself so I had a doctor stick needles in it the other day. It was fun while it lasted. As soon as the little needles were tapped in the pain went away the endorphins ran freely through my veins and I could feel my foot again for 20 short minutes. Then she insisted on taking them out. I wish she could have left them in forever.

Tomorrow we are going to see what little Deuce really looks like at a 4D ultrasound. I am also going back to the acupuncturist. Then I'm going to see a spine doctor to see of he will shoot me full of a steroid epidural because I can't take it anymore! And if I can't take it sitting here doing nothing then I certainly cannot handle it on a 20 hour flight to America next week.

Ah America. I need it!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

First things first

The first thing you should know about coming to our house is that if you're going to use the bathroom, lock the door!

"Aunt" Camilla learned that the hard way a couple of weeks ago.

Holden, walking in to have a visit with Camilla. "Hey, you didn't ask permission to use my bathroom, are you going pee or poop?"

Sorry Camilla, thanks for still agreeing to be our emergency contact.

It's tough being this cute

but somebody has to do it.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Coming soon, to a toy store catalogue near you

Halloween costume photo shoot for a local toy store. He wasn't in the best mood after the 2 hour wait and falling asleep on the hour long drive but he hammed it up for a bit all the same. I'll post the whole thing when it comes out!

Friday, August 08, 2008

Shocking? Not any more.

It's so funny to me that in a 3rd world country we have to pay 9k a year for school! But after paying $400 a month for electricity and $6 for a half gallon of milk nothing surprises me anymore.

1st day of school

Holden started "big school" this week at ISM (International School Manila). He was so very excited!

Sporting his new uniform

"Mom, I think I like going to this new school." Before we even left our house.

Breakfast in the car will probably be a habit because school starts EARLY! Out the door by 7am. Neither Holden or I have EVER been early risers. We like to think of ourselves as "night owls."

His new class seems to be pretty multi-cultured, his teacher is a real sweetheart and the facilities are brand new and fantastic. Holden is most excited for the playground and the library. Libraries are new concept to him since there isn't a proper one in Manila. We spent an hour there after school today already and thank goodness between the 3 of us we are able to check out 13 books at a time. The bookstores sure will miss us!

Oh the funny things that happen here!

Don't judge, just read.

Nate texts our new yaya, Jasmine: "Can you please bring up a big glass of ice water."

Jasmine texts back: "Sir, what is a big glass of ice water?"

Nate has incredulous look on his face as he shows me his phone with said text.

Nate texts back: "Just wait, I will come downstairs and explain."

Before he can even push send there is a knock on door. Jasmine with tray on which is: one large plastic glass, plastic container of ice and an additional but smaller glass, yet no water.

Nate kindly explains that she almost has it right.

Would it have been easier for him to just go downstairs and get his own glass of water? Of course, but then I wouldn't have this funny story to tell you! And seriously, isn't this way more fun?

Monday, August 04, 2008

Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

Seriously. I cannot believe a health professional just asked me if I had pee pee'd or poo poo'd yet today. Do I look like I am 3 years old?

Only in the Philippines folks, ONLY-IN-THE-PHILIPPINES.

I think if I hadn't been so desperate to be out of pain I would have walked out thinking there was no way he had a medical degree.

I have a head cold, a lovely little thing that won't go away nor can I drown it in nyquil. I thought I would play through the misery today but as I bent over to grab a tennis skirt off the shelf I had a shooting pain something fierce run up my back and down my legs. All I did was bend over, my heck, 30 is creeping up fast! Nate sat in shock on the bed as I hobbled in half bent over screaming in pain. I called the chiropractor who conveniently is in Beijing treating Olympic athletes (GIVE ME A BREAK, I definitely need him more than they do!) Long story short, I went to his colleague and THAT is what he SERIOUSLY asked me. I spent 2 hours 2800 pesos and I still can't move or breathe. I am a jolly camper right now. Jolly, jolly, jolly.