Thursday, February 28, 2008

If you take a dog to school...

Holden's class is studying pets this term and dogs in particular. Today was Holden's day to bring his pet to school and for 2 weeks...every day...two or three times a day...he has been asking if it is pet day. You can imagine the wait has been exhausting for he and I both!

He was so very excited when we showed up today Percy on hand for the BIG DAY. He kept saying things like; "Mom, isn't this just the perfect day." and "Dad don't you think today is just such a great day?" He was thrilled to introduce his classmates to Percy and explain everything about him. "Percy barks and runs all around when the doorbell rings." and "Percy and I have the same hair color."

Percy was a trooper and was even patient enough to stamp all the kids papers with his paw dipped in ink.

the class


One of the lovely ladies in our playgroup (Bernie) is pregnant with a little girl and so last night we CELEBRATED, it really is what we do best here! It was unlike any baby shower I have ever thrown OR attended and by far the most fun! Here are some photos from the Pink Party.

The girls on diaper duty: Teresa, Amy, Bernie, Michiko, Joanna, Renu and Sabine

Table of a pink persuasion

Michiko, Yours truly, Bernie and Hels

Teresa, Susanna and Michiko

Bernie in all her pregnant glory and pink tiara!

Helen, Renu, Joanna, Anna

Michiko, Mei, Vandana

How did we get ourselves into this?

Holden was "found" if you will by a local talent agency. Like every mother, I think my child is the most beautiful, talented, smart, athletic, etc child that there is, so naturally, like any mother (I hope) I thought of course he is cute enough to be a child model! Turns out, not only did the talent agency want Holden, they wanted Nate and I too. "You have GOT to be kidding me," was my first thought, but they insisted so we went on to do a video tape recording. Within a week we were all heading to various casting calls around the city and much to our dismay, or disdain, depending on how you look at it, we were all cast in various things from commercials to catalogs to billboards. Serious, I know that you dear reader are as shocked as we are.

Here are some photos from the commercial Nate and I are both in for Sanyo 42" LCD televisions and of Holden at a photo shoot for a catalog. But the excitement certainly doesn't end here, upcoming are restaurant commercials and billboards. I will keep you posted as the May clan takes on the Filipino advertising world. Still not sure how I feel about this, but I have to admit, it's kind of fun and the pay isn't too bad!
Yeah, the clothes are cute aren't they? haha

The girls with with the make-up artist

The Director

The costume designer
Nate's "crew"
The lead Brazillian actor...yeah, he's hot!

Thursday, February 21, 2008

We're still here

Something is wrong with blogger and I can't post pictures, anyone else having this problem? Ah well, when I finally can get everything loaded you will all be in for plenty of laughs from our crazy life! Until then celebrate our 5 year anniversary for us would you? We don't have time to do it ourselves right now so it would be great if you could!

I have a few funny stories just waiting to be published including
  • Funny staff stories, because you can never go wrong with these!
  • Nate and Holden: soon to be local celebrities (I know you are holding your breath for this one-Nate has an acting gig now to supplement the family income!!!)
  • A day in the life of: (insert one of our names here)

Check back regularly to find out about these latest adventures. In the meantime, feel free to enjoy the latest client pictures from some of my photo shoots here at:

Friday, February 08, 2008

There's no place like home: UTAH

Back in Utah found us busy with more family and some beloved friends! Holden spent time with his "best buddy" cousin Jaxson and little friends he grew-up with. He played with the favorite member of the May clan: Uncle TYLER, made a snowman, played in the snow fort and "helped" nama Connie push snow with the four wheeler. Nate and I had a great time catching up with family and friends while enjoying the fresh-mex food we miss the most. I spent a lot of time in both states shopping and collecting more shoes...oops.

We went to Snowbasin and Holden thoroughly enjoyed his first time on the slopes and impressed Nate and I both (another post of this later).

outside the lodge after his first time skiing

sword fights and pretend pirates were a popular activity in Utah

Spending time with Grandma Grandma

Making sugar cookies

Ready to go

plowing snow

3 generation trying to figure out how to build a snowman

ALWAYS throwing snow at mommy

The finished product

Holden, Jaxson and Oakley after the UnBirthday party Nama had for them

There's no place like home: IDAHO

Our trip back the States was very much needed as our frustration level in Manila has reached an all-time peak. We wanted snow and cold and boy did we ever get it! One day in Idaho, we woke up to -18 degrees farenheit (that is -27.777 celsius) THAT IS COLD and even more cold to us coming from the muggy humidity and heat of the tropics. Holden was so thrilled to play outside in the snow he barely noticed the temperature and there were days we struggled to even get him back in the house to warm up.

While we were in Idaho we recovered from some serious jetlag and spent some much-needed time with the folks that matter the most to us and Holden was adored and spoiled to pieces my his grandmommies. He was tolerated quite well by his 11 year old Uncle Caleb, who was great to mimick and play with. We spent a few days in Sun Valley where we really enjoyed the snowy blizzard and went ice skating and sledding!

A few Holdenisms from our trip:

"Holden pick that up please."

"I don't want to pick it up, I'm not a yaya!"
(Oh please, this sounds like trouble!!!)

"Grandma, can I have a drink of water?"

As she turns on the sink faucet and fills him up a glass, "I didn't know that is where water comes from!" (Obviously we don't drink tap water here and unbeknownst to him, other people do)

enjoying the warmth of the fire place

ice skating in Sun Valley

the mountains....ah...

There was a lot of snow eaten

family picture

Holden and Uncle Caleb

The boys

Ice sculpture in Sun Valley

A lot of following of Caleb

just snoozing with great grandma Shirley and the cat

A lot of PSP and Wii playing

More attention for Uncle Caleb

A lot of throwing mom (grandma Susan) in the snow