Thursday, May 29, 2008

Sunday Surprise

Many times when Holden does a commercial or shoot, we never know when and where it is going to appear. Last Sunday morning we were sitting at Starbucks and Nate was looking through the paper when low and behold he pulls out a whole section of Holden. I screamed out loud when I saw it, I think it was just such a shock to see him in an ad so big and then to see the other side full of him was a treat.

The photos were only taken the week before. It was for a back to school ad, being that school in America is just getting out I was surprised to see it already in the paper but of course, school here is just getting ready to gear back up. Another day another difference.

Of course, as proper parents would do, we went out and bought the grocery store out of their stock of papers!
FYI can click on the photos and make them larger. :)

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Hong Kong

What was to be an enjoyable memorial weekend vacation has proven to be a little more stressful than we had planned. Let's put it this way: Nate had his phone stolen BEFORE we even left the Manila airport. We were SUPPOSE to be home by now, but we are still in Hong Kong. Yes, interesting weekend. Love Hong Kong, could do without all the troubles though!

Photos and stories to come when we return to the Philippines. If we can get a flight tomorrow. haha, nervous laugh.

For now, proof my child can sleep anywhere. Starbucks...Hong Kong....Today.

Is it too much to ask that Deuce have the same perfect disposition?

Hello, I love you

I think there is some confusion of the English language here in Hong Kong. Numerous times while walking through Toys R Us in Central we were greeted with "You're Welcome!" as if it were a greeting of hello by the employees. Endearing, isn't it.

"Excuse me," while trying to get by an aisle.
"You're welcome!"

"Hello," to a shopgirl.
"You're welcome!"

"Do you have any Iron Man toys?"
"You're welcome!"

Oh well, I guess it is a nice change from the "out of stock" we hear every day in Manila.

Friday, May 09, 2008

Iron Chef Holden

These photos were taken by the producer of the hotdog commercial. The kids were dressed as chefs from different countries to "compete." Holden and Caroline are dressed in the red white and blue of course, but the Koren outfits were the cutest and check out the moustache on the Italian chef. I am sure you can imagine after 2 days of shooting this commercial theses white costumes were filthy.

Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Did you know?

We have moved; no, not out of the Philippines, just from Ortigas to Makati. It was exhausting as moving always is and our house is still full of unpacked boxes.

We are living like college students right now with mattresses on the floor as our furniture has yet to be delivered. Oh wait, it WAS delivered it just didn't fit up the stairs and had be reconfigured, ie: cut in half. Come to think of it, I don't even think college students have it this rough.

Holden is convinced that the baby is a girl since we already have had a boy:HIM. He might be in for a rude awakening.

We are going to Hong Kong and Hong Kong Disneyland in two weeks. We are excited to recharge out of the city again.

While swimming at the pool yesterday Holden came across a woman who was a tad large in the stomach area (but obviously NOT pregnant) and stated in his not so quiet voice, "Dad, she must be pregnant just like mommy," which made Nate want to hide under a rock.

Holden just did a commercial for pure foods which makes juicy hotdogs. They have a new product which brings a new meaning to the word "corndog." They are hotdogs with bits of sweet corn inside. Ummm, yummy? His first reaction after a bite, "Mommy, they have seeds in them."

Nate is doing a commercial for a Korean resort next week. He needs to practice his what they call his "think about funding look." Hahaha

I am surviving. Nate thinks it's a craving when I eat cheese and peanut butter sandwiches but it's not. I ate it as a kid with my gramps too. At the moment I am living on cold watermelon, pineapple, yogurt and graham crackers.