Friday, February 27, 2009


In between getting ready for prom tonight (again, I will tell you all about that later), trying to decide on booking this month to Japan or Thailand and dealing with the ever-present household help issues, I took a few moments to realize that Finn is 3 months old today; my how time flies.
He is such a fun little person to have in our lives. He makes us all happy just by being here. Holden asked me today "what should I do if Finnley tries to get away with something?" I told him that Finnley is just a little guy and probably won't be able to get away with much for quite some time. The other night Finn Holden and I were reading books in Holden's room, afterwards I left Finnley with Holden while I washed my face. Holden came in the bathroom and said "Mom, didn't you forget something? A living, breathing real-life baby!" Ah yes, Finnley has made an impact around here and we are loving every moment of his new found curiosity, his giggles and now squeals and his ever-present smile. We can't leave him for a moment as he kicks and rolls with such intensity that he is always "this close" to a tumble to the ground. He is very intense, but quick to smile and beams when any attention comes his way.

So I will leave you with a couple of photos from this morning. Is it just me or is Holden pretty? I think he could pass for a girl. Oh, I am sure that comment will scar him in the future. With that, I am off to the spa. A girls needs her nails done for prom doesn't she?

Thursday, February 26, 2009

Where oh where has my little blog gone.

Have you missed me? It's been over a month. A whirlwind trip to the States experiencing this lovely stuff
and snuggling back into Manila-life have taken me away from you. I am back though. America photos, tales and tirades coming soon but not until after the weekend. We are getting ready for prom you know, more on that soon too!