Thursday, July 31, 2008

When I first saw this group

the first thing that came to mind was ATHLETE. Isn't that exactly where your mind goes? haha A group of young professionals here get together every once in a while to re-live their youth. Apparently "youth" includes dodgeball. I am certain you will get a kick out of these photos. It was even funnier that they had aches and pains for days after the big game.

Holden and Gabby watching their very "athletic" daddies.

Another Holdenism

While settling down to sleep the other night Holden said with such a serious tone.

"Mom, I really wish I didn't have any super powers. I wish I wasn't super strong, and wasn't really super fast and couldn't see through the dark. I just want to be ordinary."

It's rainy season here

Nate overheard Holden outside today.

"Hey there any body up there? Could you please make it stop raining?"

Thursday, July 24, 2008

The sibling I never had

Nate and I played tennis Wednesday.

It was a good day. We were both on fire.

Nate was having a really good rally.

I was in the back of the court waiting for my turn.

He rushed the net.

The ball came to the back of the court.

I thought I would help him by hitting it.

He decided to run back and hit it too.

He swung and hit the ball.

I swung to hit the ball.

I missed the ball but hit Nates wrist square on.

He spewed lots of profanity.

I felt bad. REALLY bad. I quickly said; "Shh, don't tell Bong (coach) he will get mad at me!" Remember Nate is his prodigy, heaven forbid something happens to him.

I told Nate afterwards that I felt the way a kid must feel when he hurts his sibling and that sibling starts to cry and runs to tell mom and dad and you just know trouble is coming. He agreed. "It's kind of like when I shot my brother in the foot with a bb gun."

I have never been so happy to grow up an only child.

Monday, July 21, 2008

Ah Staff....can't keep 'em, can't get rid of 'em!

Divina, Norma, Marianne, Fely, Rose, Maulin, Lani and now Lorry and soon to be Bona. Wow, there are fewer than I thought.

Staff nightmares. It doesn't even phase me anymore. I should be trying to convince you that we really aren't that bad to work for. Really! We aren't. It is sort of embarrassing that we have been through this many in under 2 years though isn't it! Some have quit, many have been fired, some stole, some we were sad to see go, others not at all. I can remember vividly every single one of them and their pathway out our door. I would feel bad about it if it only happened to me, but luckily this is not an anomaly.

It's easy to find help around here but it's hard to find someone that fits in with your family. Someone who lives with you 24/7, sees you in every form and condition daily, knows everything about you. I mean seriously, I am sure they are more up close and personal with our possessions and habits than we are. It's strange really when you think about it. We have come so accustom to NOT running our house, that I couldn't tell you where the light bulbs are, what number to call to order water, where the vets office is and I certainly couldn't tell you how to turn the oven on or run the washing machine. It's sad to be this dependent. It wasn't my intention, it just kind of happened and now here we are, unable to function a day without help. I would trade all the help in the world to be back in America and self-sufficient. REALLY, I would.

Here we are, starting the search all over again. Our yaya(who we have had since December, it's a record people!) is pregnant and needs to take some time off. We need to find someone to fill in for a while in hopes she will come back after her maternity leave....please please please come back! Talk about crappy timing. I'm not looking forward to training a new nanny with a newborn on the way. Ok, you can all go and hate me now for complaining about having help. XOXO

Friday, July 11, 2008


Here is the YouTube link to Holden's hotdog commercial. Look close or you may miss him! He is in the middle and the end.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

So different

I don't get it. I can't wrap my mind around the fact that this pregnancy is so different from the last. I need to get in the mindset that Deuce is NOT Holden. Don't want to be pulling out the "Why can't you be more like your brother" card now do I?

I am understanding of the typical things. I understand that I am older...5 years actually! I know that my body has already been stretched to accommodate the living space of one child and sliced open and therefore will never be the same. I know that I have been through this once and I thought I knew what to expect.


What I had with Holden was extreme craving for spicy food. EXTREME. I ate chili and tacos almost every day. I never got heartburn. I never had that pregnancy "mask." I never had a backache. I was emotional but certainly was never this bad, right Nate?

This is what I have with Deuce. An extreme aversion to most food. Yogurt and fruit are the only continual staple in my life. Texture of food is really bothering me. Nothing sounds good. I will crave something (paneer makhani, for example) and eat it and the next day the thought of it sends me into convulsions. I have heartburn all the time. I have that pregnancy mask of sunspots. I am E-MO-TION-AL You name it and I am in tears over it; commercials, in-laws, books. It's especially bad when Nate eats the last of the turkey on the last bagel in the house. This incident required him, of his own free will, to go to numerous shops around the city to round up shaved turkey breast, poppyseed bagels and mustard (I don't even like mustard) but that day it was essential and lucky for him they were all in stock!

To top it off, I am major stressed about all of the baby items we already own boxed up and labeled in the States. I really don't want to have to buy all new things especially since anything imported is about triple the price, but I really dread the thought of the 20 hour flight home 6 months pregnant with Holden, but without Nate, to schlep it all back over here!

Ah! At least I have the perfectly behaved child (at least for a 4 year old) an agreeable and understanding husband, someone to do my laundry and scrub my toilets and great friends to keep me going.

On a brighter note. We played tennis again today. It has been a couple weeks and 5 chiropractor visits since I last played and if I was "ruined" again after playing today, Nate was going to cut me off. He didn't think that 1 lesson and paying for 5 chiro appointment was worth it. It wasn't the tennis that damaged me though. I just overextended something one day at home and rather than let it heal, I insisted on playing though the irritation. Stubborn runs in our family! We played doubles on the same team. We play better together than against eachother. Everyone leaves happy and besides you wouldn't want me in tears over tennis would you?

Monday, July 07, 2008

Paradise revisited...our 4th of July

Our previous 4th of July celebrations in the States have been filled with full days of parades and bbqs with tons of other people we don't even know, so it was nice to have our own little family together and relax away from the chaos. We missed our traditional breakfast with Nate's family and of course the fireworks.

Our mini-vacation was splendid though. I love that I can pack in under 20 minutes, get on a plane at 7am and be at the beach in the warm sun by 8am on Saturday morning. We worked a deal with the hotel manager this time, since we are such frequent visitors, to upgrade to a swim-up room. Smartest thing they ever did since now we are spoiled and will have to get this room each time we come. What could be better than walking out on your patio and into the pool.

Seriously, come visit and we will take you here. What is even better is that because Nate works American hours, we don't have to come back to Manila until Monday afternoon. We are tan, refreshed and ready to tackle life in the city again.

Speaking of tan. Check out the backside of our kid. I swear to you he lives in 45 spf sunscreen, but it is a perma-tan since we have lived here.

Proof that we slather him up in sunscreen.

The boat ride over

Still life art by Holden at the Lemon Cafe

That's our room in the background, priceless, right?

Nate and Holden playing in the waves

This boy has expensive taste

Ask Holden what he wants for dinner. You may be surprised by the answer.

He won't eat peanut butter and jelly or spaghetti, mac and cheese isn't his favorite and you would be hard pressed to get him to eat pizza even if it's cheese. Basically, for the past year and half the kid has lived on cheese, bread, eggs, yogurt, fruit and edamame. Recently that has started to change.

He now wants salmon or mahi mahi or kobe beef. We go out to dinner and his meal usually costs more than ours! No longer are we ordering off the kids menu. This weekend in Boracay he had a tuna fillet and loved it as well. He wanted salmon for breakfast but go figure, salmon is a little hard to come by here. The kid loves it and he will finish off the plate. I have always heard that boys will eat you out of house and home as they grow and now we will have two of them to do that for us! I am NOT going to introduce him to sushi, that could get a little spendy. Oh well, at least he is eating something.

Thursday, July 03, 2008

So, you wanna know something?

"You wanna know why?"
"You wanna know something else?"

"You wanna know why?"

"You wanna know something else?"
and it continues like that. On and on and on....with random information inserted between each "you wanna know."

I remember my mom telling me that I was always saying "Why?" "How come?" "Because why?" Apparently I was more of a questioning child and Holden is more of a telling child. It is utterly cute and perfectly Holden. Nate and I grin over his head every time one of the tirades of the "wanna knows'" begin and trust me we are grinning a lot because not a day goes by!
Well, you wanna know something else? Tomorrow morning bright and early we are going here:

Ah yes, my lovely gorgeous addiction known as Boracay. 60 minutes on the plane to spend 4 days relaxing on the fine white sand. I am hoping that it doesn't do much of this:
but even if it does it won't matter. Do you wanna know why? Because we will be out of Manila. Out of the smog and the people and the city and the chaos. This certainly is one of the benefits of living here.

Tuesday, July 01, 2008


"Two balls and a little bird." That is what the doctor said.
Do you know what that means? That means we are having a BOY!
Shocked: yes. Disappointed: never.

We had an ultrasound a few weeks ago and while she couldn't be certain at the time it was a girl, the doctor was leaning in that direction. We weren't placing our bets and buying all pink but we were calling Deuce a "she" and a "her." Today we went in last minute for a quick check since I hadn't felt the baby moving as much and something had "sprouted" right up.

Holden is excited it is a boy, but fully expects me to birth a 4 year old little brother for him to play with. Won't a newborn be a rude awakening for him! We are very excited to be having a sweet little baby boy in our arms. I think we make pretty cute ones if I don't say so myself!