Friday, December 12, 2008

A day full of Christmas

It's coming on fast this holiday called Christmas and we are in the full swing of things from Christmas parties to cookie decorating.

Holden was so very excited to see Santa today. Of course, Santa was on Filipino time and so we had to waste an hour shopping around waiting for him. Holden entertained the elves and fairies with various Tagalog songs and phrases guaranteeing his slot as the first one in line and extra time with the big man in red. Nate calls him "the nation builder" as he is always creating new relationships. It gets him ahead...extra scoops of ice cream, larger cotton candy bundles, etc. He is onto something! Finnley slept right through Santa, but Holden was sure to order some toys up for him too.

We also went back to the cake shop to decorate a gingerbread house. You really can't beat having the gingerbread already baked, cut and made ready to decorate. Complete with frosting bottles and sprinkles and accessories. We did our part making a mess and it turned out pretty darn cute.

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