Friday, September 26, 2008

Back in Manila...

This is what I came home to; a bearded man.

Nate has been in his "mourning" phase and while at first I had to keep staring at him just to get it in my head that it really is him, I am used to it now. No, I don't want it to stay forever, but I can handle it for a little while and actually who am I to complain. I change my hair on a whim so I guess I will let him work with what hair he does have!

In usual "Nate fashion" he also had a gift waiting. A big new red bag which is fabulous on it's own, but what was inside was even better. He had filled it with 102 notes of things he loves about me. How sweet is that. Who knew he loved my feet and all the many shoes that go with them? Or my overpacking tendencies. There are 100 other things that range from my being a news junkie to my proper use of sweats and my quick wit to my very very bad sense of direction. I hated being away from him, but I loved coming home to him!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

If at first you don't recognize him

Just picture him with blonde hair! Here is the cover of the toy store catalog Holden did a Halloween photo shoot for. They took out the scar in his eyebrow and his dimple and darkened his eyes and hair. STRANGE, but we still think he is cute as ever!

Monday, September 01, 2008

The thing is

IF you're going to try to pass your Toyota Fortuner off as a Lexus convincingly, maybe just maybe, you should spell Lexus properly; with a "us" not an "is."
A couple of weekends ago we took what was to be a short leisurely drive up to Tagaytay for Sunday lunch. Instead it was a 3 hour nightmare of traffic but this car and other signs along the way gave us some fun fodder. Don't we all look thrilled to be in the car....STILL?

We had a great lunch with friends and rushed back in time for a birthday party where I confiscated a baby and Holden had his face painted.