Sunday, August 29, 2010

Monday, August 09, 2010

18 days and counting

We are heading home for our bi-annual break from the tropics. CAN NOT wait. Once I have the itineraries in my hot hands I am a mess of waiting and wishing and willing it to come sooner. It starts slow, a few months before, when I just have a vague idea of when we will be heading home is when the online shopping starts. Packages start arriving at either parents home. Just here and theres.

Then, once the dates are spoken and the travel agent is called full force planning goes into effect. Lists are made on sticky notes, iphones, computers; "things to buy in States" is what they are titled. Online sites are perused, Target iphone app is downloaded and the real shipping starts. Boys "coolER" weather clothes are found around the local malls (because lets face it EVERYWHERE is cooler than here), bazaar shopping takes on a whole new meaning; mom wants this bag, don't forget the mangoes and tanduay, where is the stuff we bought for everyone from the 6 countries we have traveled to since we were last home.

Then the countdown comes fast; get the household staff scheduled for when we are gone, who comes in on what day, for how long, everything fair! Driver needs to work this day to take the dog to the vet, deliver Holden's birthday invitations; oh wait, don't forget to make Holden's birthday invitations! Make sure someone delivers the staff their pay every week. Aaahhh! It's easier to stay home!

In addition, is the mad rush of planning what to do while home. Which state do we go to first, for how long, what day can we see this friend and that one. Lists are made of places that must be feasted at, they are mostly MEXICAN because seriously the shortage here is near unbearable. Stores that must be visited and sizes of things that must be purchased. (Someone remind me to buy that extra long shower curtain I have forgotten three trips in a row!) This time activities consist of the Eastern Idaho State Fair, the rodeo, Bear World, white water rafting on the Snake River and a trip to Jackson Hole. Day tripping it to Park City to the Alpine slide, and possibly lagoon. There must be roasting marshmallows and tennis and trips to the park.
It's all worth it (even the coach tickets which we will be "enjoying" on the way there) for these little people

to have a relationship with these very special folks and many more