Thursday, April 24, 2008

We have a secret

Well, it's not a secret to most people anymore, but if I haven't called your or emailed you yet then surprise! Little Deuce will be coming late November or early December.

I haven't posted in weeks, but my computer had a major malfunction and we are waiting on a part from the States, I am sick for obvious reasons and we are moving locations in the big city so things are a little crazy. No fear, I will return soon!

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Day Trip to Subic Bay

We ventured a few hours out of the city on Saturday for some excitement at Zoobic Safari, where we got up close are personal with tigers, crocodiles and other wild species. As we waited for the tour to start we were near the photo op set-up with the "baby" tiger. Looks harmless doesn't he?

The first half of the trip through the zoo proved to be rather boring, as they showed us rodents, monkeys, goats and camels. We were there for the tigers after all. The thing we didn't count on, was mating season! I guess Filipinos call is sexo, since that is what they all kept saying, and this is what we heard,"Mommy, what is sexo?" Proved to be a FUN conversation with a 4 year old.

Next we hoped into a wire covered jeepney where we purchased a chicken for $4 to feed to the wild beasts (I heard in the past it was a live chicken!) We came across a male and a female tiger...mating of the water. After eyeing the chicken that the man was hanging out of the jeepney right by us, the tiger lunged out of the water at it. Hmmm, now we are covered in dirty pond water AND chicken juice. Again, FUN. The chicken man throws part of the chicken up on the roof of the jeepney and up jumps the tiger and rides around on top for a while before coming back down to the window for more. This was probably the most exciting part of zoobic.

After a few more encounters with tigers....the growling kind only feet away from where we were walking, we headed to see the snakes, ostriches, pigs and of course, the crocodiles. We purchased more chickens to dangle before their sharp teeth. They proved to be rather boring as they were too busy mating as well.

Look closely at this picture, it is Holden's crocs above dozens on crocs all nestled below the walk way.

After our safari adventure we indulged in something almost impossible to find in metro Manila....Mexican food. And it was Oh So Good.

Did you know

They made golf gloves this small?

Now, we know who is behind all things mysterious

We don't like Holden playing with outlets here...well, anywhere for that matter, but here they are 220V, so it's even a little more important! Nate went downstairs to find that the tv was unplugged so he asked the staff if they had unplugged it while cleaning. He was told, no, but that Holden had been back behind the entertainment center.

"Holden, did you unplug the tv?"


Long, silent pause.

"I think God did it."

Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Holden works again....

Good thing this kid loves the camera. He is staying pretty busy. Here are some photos at a shoot for jockey he did this week.

In hair and make-up. I think the quote here was, "I'm not a girl, don't put make-up on me!"
Getting all taped up so the clothes fit just right.
Holden and his "underwear" family
This is Holden with his "dad," we walked in to see Sam, a guy Nate and I did the Sanyo commercial with. Small small world. Anyhow, Holden took right to rough-housing with Sam. Sorry Sam!
Speaking of the Sanyo commercial, we have seen it all over the television here and much to popular request from the folks back home here is a link to it on YouTube:
Extra points if you can pick us out!