Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Christmas Round-up

Once again Santa found us in the Philippines. This was the first time in our 3 Christmas' here that we actually stayed in the city. It was nice to be home for the Holidays.
We spent Christmas Eve with great friends (Ben&Marissa and Bob&Kathy) where Holden found the wishbone and devoured the turkey leg.

Thumbs up for the wishbone

Nate and the very edible turkey: Finn

They boys with "Grandpa" Bob and "Aunt" Kathy

Holden with Ben and Marisa

It was a great night followed by Christmas morning when Holden did us the honor of sleeping in past 8am (unheard of these days)

This year we started a new tradition with gifts and it worked our wonderfully. In addition to Santa loot everyone gets gifts that each fall into one of five categories: READ, WEAR, WANT, NEED, EAT. Finnley was the most difficult to buy for as his want need and eat are all the same thing...milk! It was fun to find something that fit into each category that was special. I think it was a success and something we will follow each year.

As their "wear" the little boys both got matching speedos.
Santa made sure Holden was well taken care of with the only thing he asked for: star wars legos. Mom and dad came through with experiment kits to last the year and he had plenty of other gifts from friends and family.
Finnley ended up with various things he won't need for 8 more months but hey, Santa had to bring him something!

As per usual, Nate delivered in perfect style all the things he knows I love; jewelery, bags and clothes. He got a few surprises himself including a pair of cuff links with the boys names and birth years.
All in, it was a great day we were just missing out on a few key grandparents aunts uncles and cousins!

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Kim said...

Hi Melissa, long time uh! I love that your a living such an adventure abroad! I must say I am jealous! I love the cuff links you got your husband for christmas! Your kids are beautiful! Happy Holidays!