Monday, December 15, 2008

Holden News

It's been a crazy few weeks for Holden. Adjusting to a new member of the family is a challenge. He adores Finnley and is always wanting to love on him but something is different in his life and he isn't quite sure what it is. At least he isn't taking it out on the little one, only mom and dad are made to suffer through the tantrums. It's only been 2 weeks and we are improving by the day so we may survive! He is funnier than ever though.

"Dad, was Dr. Seuss real?"
"Real like a human or real like a plate?"

Thai boxer thanks to Uncle Jeffrey and Ico for the bangin shorts!

He is constantly putting random letters together and asking us what they spell. The other day he actually made a real word, although I'm not sure I like it.
"How about instead of spelling mom M-O-M we spell it D-O-P-E-Y. What does that spell?"

He sings this Tagalog song ALL THE TIME, in rounds and it's cute, the first 10 times. The other day he was testing us (in the car of all places) by singing it over and over and over and when we asked him to stop for a bit his response was pure teenager; "You're just jealous of my song!"

To a lady at the mall while waiting for Santa. "Teacher or whoever you are. I'm a movie star and friends with the elves and my dad has been to the north pole." If we leave him alone for 5 minutes the world knows our life history (remind you of anyone...Aunt Tana, I think you were like this!)

He is really enjoying T-ball now so my plan has worked! The entire league is cute as snot in their little uniforms.


The Homer House said...

Okay, that is funny! He is quite hilarious, how I would love to be able to experience the comedy first hand...maybe one day.
I love the t-ball pictures, those are dang cute and speaking of cute, little Finn is so precious. Why don't you bring him on over here to Wisconsin so I can love him?! You wanted snow right?
I just love your pictures and love reading your blog, it's so fun to see you two in your children, more so Holden-he reminds me so much of Nate!
Hope all is well.
Love you guys!

Jeffrey said...

Those pictures are WAY too cute!