Friday, August 08, 2008

Oh the funny things that happen here!

Don't judge, just read.

Nate texts our new yaya, Jasmine: "Can you please bring up a big glass of ice water."

Jasmine texts back: "Sir, what is a big glass of ice water?"

Nate has incredulous look on his face as he shows me his phone with said text.

Nate texts back: "Just wait, I will come downstairs and explain."

Before he can even push send there is a knock on door. Jasmine with tray on which is: one large plastic glass, plastic container of ice and an additional but smaller glass, yet no water.

Nate kindly explains that she almost has it right.

Would it have been easier for him to just go downstairs and get his own glass of water? Of course, but then I wouldn't have this funny story to tell you! And seriously, isn't this way more fun?

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The Homer House said...

Oh, the stories. That is just funny, I love the stories that you have and can't wait to hear more.
How are you doing? You know, I am so bummed that we missed seeing you and Holden; we hope you enjoy being there...enjoy Costa Vida for me! Love ya!!!