Wednesday, August 27, 2008


I am going to all lengths of medical care to fix myself. Here is the latest in the quest to remedy my lovely sciatic nerve. It's stubborn. Even when I talk nice to it, it refuses to correct itself so I had a doctor stick needles in it the other day. It was fun while it lasted. As soon as the little needles were tapped in the pain went away the endorphins ran freely through my veins and I could feel my foot again for 20 short minutes. Then she insisted on taking them out. I wish she could have left them in forever.

Tomorrow we are going to see what little Deuce really looks like at a 4D ultrasound. I am also going back to the acupuncturist. Then I'm going to see a spine doctor to see of he will shoot me full of a steroid epidural because I can't take it anymore! And if I can't take it sitting here doing nothing then I certainly cannot handle it on a 20 hour flight to America next week.

Ah America. I need it!


Julie said...

Oh, I had the nasty sciatica this pregnancy, too. It is les miserables.

Shirley Dela Cruz said...

Totally love all the updates. Definitely post a picture of the 4d ultrasound. We are having anatomy scan next week!

Love you!

Lisa said...

It was so good to see you. Hope the special vitamins help with the back pain. Love, Lisa