Monday, July 07, 2008

Paradise revisited...our 4th of July

Our previous 4th of July celebrations in the States have been filled with full days of parades and bbqs with tons of other people we don't even know, so it was nice to have our own little family together and relax away from the chaos. We missed our traditional breakfast with Nate's family and of course the fireworks.

Our mini-vacation was splendid though. I love that I can pack in under 20 minutes, get on a plane at 7am and be at the beach in the warm sun by 8am on Saturday morning. We worked a deal with the hotel manager this time, since we are such frequent visitors, to upgrade to a swim-up room. Smartest thing they ever did since now we are spoiled and will have to get this room each time we come. What could be better than walking out on your patio and into the pool.

Seriously, come visit and we will take you here. What is even better is that because Nate works American hours, we don't have to come back to Manila until Monday afternoon. We are tan, refreshed and ready to tackle life in the city again.

Speaking of tan. Check out the backside of our kid. I swear to you he lives in 45 spf sunscreen, but it is a perma-tan since we have lived here.

Proof that we slather him up in sunscreen.

The boat ride over

Still life art by Holden at the Lemon Cafe

That's our room in the background, priceless, right?

Nate and Holden playing in the waves


Julie said...

Booking tickets to visit

And that tan line is an injustice! Why don't I tan like that???? I guess it could be that I live in Utah.

Jan Rhoades said...

The beach and the pool look so fun. I'm jealous. We're leaving for Priest Lake this week. I'll post some pictures when we return.