Thursday, July 24, 2008

The sibling I never had

Nate and I played tennis Wednesday.

It was a good day. We were both on fire.

Nate was having a really good rally.

I was in the back of the court waiting for my turn.

He rushed the net.

The ball came to the back of the court.

I thought I would help him by hitting it.

He decided to run back and hit it too.

He swung and hit the ball.

I swung to hit the ball.

I missed the ball but hit Nates wrist square on.

He spewed lots of profanity.

I felt bad. REALLY bad. I quickly said; "Shh, don't tell Bong (coach) he will get mad at me!" Remember Nate is his prodigy, heaven forbid something happens to him.

I told Nate afterwards that I felt the way a kid must feel when he hurts his sibling and that sibling starts to cry and runs to tell mom and dad and you just know trouble is coming. He agreed. "It's kind of like when I shot my brother in the foot with a bb gun."

I have never been so happy to grow up an only child.

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