Monday, July 21, 2008

Ah Staff....can't keep 'em, can't get rid of 'em!

Divina, Norma, Marianne, Fely, Rose, Maulin, Lani and now Lorry and soon to be Bona. Wow, there are fewer than I thought.

Staff nightmares. It doesn't even phase me anymore. I should be trying to convince you that we really aren't that bad to work for. Really! We aren't. It is sort of embarrassing that we have been through this many in under 2 years though isn't it! Some have quit, many have been fired, some stole, some we were sad to see go, others not at all. I can remember vividly every single one of them and their pathway out our door. I would feel bad about it if it only happened to me, but luckily this is not an anomaly.

It's easy to find help around here but it's hard to find someone that fits in with your family. Someone who lives with you 24/7, sees you in every form and condition daily, knows everything about you. I mean seriously, I am sure they are more up close and personal with our possessions and habits than we are. It's strange really when you think about it. We have come so accustom to NOT running our house, that I couldn't tell you where the light bulbs are, what number to call to order water, where the vets office is and I certainly couldn't tell you how to turn the oven on or run the washing machine. It's sad to be this dependent. It wasn't my intention, it just kind of happened and now here we are, unable to function a day without help. I would trade all the help in the world to be back in America and self-sufficient. REALLY, I would.

Here we are, starting the search all over again. Our yaya(who we have had since December, it's a record people!) is pregnant and needs to take some time off. We need to find someone to fill in for a while in hopes she will come back after her maternity leave....please please please come back! Talk about crappy timing. I'm not looking forward to training a new nanny with a newborn on the way. Ok, you can all go and hate me now for complaining about having help. XOXO

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