Monday, November 03, 2008

Money Laundering

Nate learned a new definition of money laundering this week when Lina, the helper who does our laundry brought him his dripping wet wallet full of business receipts, cash and credit cards. He stunned us all with his calmness over the whole situation. It must be a new level of zen he has come to accept after living here with all of its hassles and moments or maybe it is just the calm before the out!

Luckily "the girls" as we call the staff of 3 that keep our household "running?" were able to unfold and dry out all the receipts which still had ink on them and miraculously the cards have been used they still work. The wallet on the other hand is a lost cause, leather doesn't wash up so well.
C'est la vie, our new motto in life. I am getting it framed and hung.

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Julie said...

Did I ever tell you about the time I washed Stanton's brand new Razr phone back when they were awesome? He almost fired me.