Monday, November 03, 2008

More Holdenisms

From the moment he could put it into words Holden has told us about his dreams. They are usually quite vivid in his recollection of them and we regularly talk about them. A couple of weeks ago he was really upset with Nate the entire day because in his dream he had been captured by a giant crab and "Daddy didn't even save me!"
The other morning he woke up and said, "I sure wish God would send some good dreams my way."
And here is Holden singing a native Tagalog song. Don't expect to understand a bit of it...unless you are Filipino or speak Tagalog but it's cute all the same!


Alysia Cook said...

He is as blasted cute!!!

Maricar said...
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Maricar said...

hahaha! that's cute. i used to sing that song when i was a little girl. that is classic. that song is just about crabs... it says that crabs are big and delicious, and they are hard to catch because they bite. lol! he can pronounce the words if tagalog is his language. cool!