Wednesday, October 29, 2008

A very busy October

When I talked to my Grandma last week she said, "It seems like all you ever do it go to parties." Well, sometimes that is what it feels like and a life full of parties can get exhausting! Believe it or not, Manila is actually a very busy place. There is always something going on and there are many weeks you just can't fit everything in.

Halloween has been dragging on for weeks now. Holden has been to at least 3 different parties and none of them are even ON halloween. So many in fact that his costume has worn out. What a difference though. Here we choose a costume based on whether or not it will be cool and lightweight enough whereas back in Utah we were lucky to go out in a costume without a winter parka and boots on top! I stopped taking a camera to the halloween parties because there were so many but here is one of him at the American Women's club Halloween party.

School has been out all week for fall break and it has been nice to have Holden at home in the mornings enjoying our last little time as parents of one child. I don't think it has hit any of us the changes that we will be making soon.

Apparantly October is also fashion month here because 2 fashion shows in as many weeks is where we have been headed. The first was The Cool Britannia show and it was pretty boring but at least the company was good.

The 2nd was Philippine Fashion Week which was actually quite amazing. They have a version of Project Runway on TV here. It would be great to watch if it was all in English but no that would be too easy. Half in English and half in Tagalog makes it pretty frustrating because you only understand HALF of what is going on. It's the same with the magazines and newspapers here so I have just given up on reading them. But back to my main point, the fashion show. We didn't see the finalists show, but we did see some amazing couture gowns and dresses.

Last night we were at US Ambassador Kristie Kenney's home for the American Women's cocktail party. It was fun even without the Ambassador in attendance!

Here's to hoping November is a slower more relaxing month but I'm not holding my breath! The calendar is already full of events, I am turning 30, Deuce is arriving and the Christmas tree is going up on the 1st. Welcome to my world.

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Alysia Cook said...

Whoa... I am breathless. I don't know how you do it being preggers and all, but it sounds fun (and exhausting). I am anxious to hear when baby arrives...keep me posted.