Tuesday, May 01, 2007

If I had a picture

So...the other day....scratch that...the day before Nate's mom flies into town I decide that it is time for a "cut and color."

I do my research people! Ask anyone. Not only do I research large purchases like vehicles and digital cameras, I do the little things like irons and microwaves. Nate offers me up to people (no, not that way) to find vacations, vacuums, etc etc. Obviously I am going to do a little research on which hairdresser to go to. I find the salon, and I find the "expert hair technician." I go and 5 hours later I come out with RED streaks in my hair. No, not red like auburn, or strawberry blonde, or even copper. RED as in RED. Red as in wow, I didn't know hair dye came in a red bell pepper tone. Well I am here to tell you people that it does and I had it! Now mind you that, Rocky, my "expert hair technician" told me that words can be misinterpreted, but a picture says it all. So we looked at pictures, lots of them, and NOT ONE WAS CANDY APPLE RED!

Hmmm. I sense a Manila Moment coming on.

I went back to the salon later that night to have my color "fixed" from red to pink and so on and so forth. Around midnight, I was all fixed up.

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