Monday, April 16, 2007

It was rough, but somebody had to do it.

We spent the weekend in Boracay, an island resort just a half hour flight...and then a coaster, and then a boat ride and then another coaster ride away. It was by far the best beach we have been to yet (and that includes Mexico.) The water was bright blue and the sand was pure white and like walking though flour.


Sandcastle with lights at night

Sunset in Bora

Holden and his Henna superman tat!

Nate and Holden, like father like son

Our Hotel

View of our resort from our room

Melissa and Holden on the sailboat...and Nate's feet!

Nate and Holden "Hang Ten"

Holden climbing things while out to dinner

Melissa and Holden, if this were in color all you would see is red sunburn!

Holden, The Thinker.

Melissa and Holden "I love you"

Holden listening to tunes on the airplane

Holden in the airport in the way home.

Nate and Holden being "ballers."

Our View

The whole gang.

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