Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Ooops, we did it again...and again

Maybe what they say is true that the third time is a charm. When it comes to dogs in our family, we are one lucky number 3. I never did post about the demise of dog number one, Jeka. It is enough to say that Jeka met a very early untimely demise and none of it was our doing. Another little "thing" about the Philippines includes that the vet doesn't call and tell your your dog died! We never really got a clear answer but we think it stems from eating cat food at the maids house. That is a long story that I am sure we can discuss on one of our visits back to America.

How can you tell a child that their Christmas puppy died when they are having such a hard time adjusting to life away from the norm? You tell them that it went to a doggy hotel. I don't advise this technique as until last week Holden was still thinking that Jeka was at the doggy hotel and kept asking, "WHEN is my doggy coming to live with us?" Since our experience with dog number 1 we have been dragging our feet on getting another.

Two weeks ago we came across a steal of a deal on dog number 2. A bichon frise named Benjo. Benjo of Heavenly Barks to be exact. We picked him up and hauled him home. The story in a nutshell goes like this: Benjo only liked Filipinos. He loved the maid, loved the yaya, loved Ico. Hated Melissa, hated Holden and was just plain scared of Nate. Snapped at Holden, bit Melissa and went back to live with his Filipino family the very next day happy as a clam.

We are beginning to see a pattern here.

We thought we would give it one more shot and off Holden and I went to the the pet market with Nate's words of advise. "Whatever you do, don't bring home a poodle." Obviously we listen really well: Meet Percy, the poodle. And guess what...Nate loves him!

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