Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Should I let him live on cheese sandwiches?

The joys of parenting a 3 year old:

We have entered the negotiation stage, "Dad, here's the deal, if you don't let me watch one of my shows, I'm going to turn your show off."

The picky stage, "Divina is driving me crazy (his exact words) she is spreading my cheese sandwich (whatever that means) and it's just driving me crazy!"

The defiant stage, "I am not eating that!" "I am NOT going to eat that!" "I AM NOT GOING TO EAT THAT!"

So here's the question, do I let him have cheese sandwiches for breakfast lunch and dinner? No really, I am asking for a response. Click that little link at the bottom of this post that says comments, write something and then click the little dot that says other and then the one that says publish your comment. I am serious MOMS CLUB GIRLS, who else is going to tell me?


Anonymous said...

Felicity went through a stage of "This is the deal.." and if she did'n like something "THATS NOT THE DEAL. WHHHHAAAA" We also had problems with her only eating Rice/chips. It didn't last long and now she is trying lots more foods including some of the green stuff.
At least our kids are not going hungry due to starvation/poverty which affects millions of kids all over the globe.

Jeffrey said...

I'm not part of the Mom's Club, BUT, I think cheese sandwiches are GREAT...


$ $ said...

In my dictionary,
Cheese = milk = vit D = calcium.
Bread = carbo = energy.
Butter = veggie fat.
So, give him a break for trying to be healthy and get more energy for his muscle!
In fact, "more cheese sandwiches please"
I love you guys!! ^__^