Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Beverly Hills, we have arrived

Welcome Home...after all of the complaining we do about living in a hotel for 87 days (yes, that number is correct) we have arrived at the homestead. Although in our not so distant past we had a house in Utah, (scratch that, we still have a house in Utah), I must have forgotten the sheer amount of work it takes to be responsible for one. There are phone lines and cable and internet connections to set up, electric and water lines, mail service and paper delivery all to be arranged...all in the Philippines. All where the word extension doesn't mean extension cord or phone extension either, come to think of it, I'm still not sure what extension does mean here. Nor does today really mean today. Or 5 minutes---five minutes actually means 5 o'clock when you are asking the phone guy when the dsl guy is going to be here. Yes, welcome back to reality. We may have a maid and a yaya, but there is no 24 hour room service, maid service or free electricity anymore. At least we have a a room with a view.

It is absolutely shocking the amount of things you can store in a two bedroom hotel room. As we moved out, overnight...literally (to avoid traffic and have the undivided attention of the bell boys at both places) we had the entire lobby of our hotel filled with suitcases and bins and boxes. It was almost embarrassing! Not only did we have the 8 bags and 3 sets of golf clubs we arrived with, but also the 9 misc buckets we shipped over AND all of the many items we purchased over our 3 months here.

We have been a whirlwind of organization the past few days and we are still waiting for several key pieces or furniture to arrive, like, I don't know, couches! Yesterday Holden said, "Mom, there is something wrong with this room." as he walked around surveying the living area. "That couch, that is upstairs needs to be down here." Yes, dear dear Holden, we do need couches in our living room, and we also need something to put our television on, as well as additional chairs, curtains, lamps, bedding, and hangers, many more hangers. But at least we have seven air con units to stay cool. Here's to hoping the rest of the furniture comes this week, because right now, we are living in our bedrooms, after all, that is where all the furniture is!

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