Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Peter Pan and other stories of flying.

In the ever constant quest to find something to do around the city, we found that Peter Pan is in town, live on stage! I convince Nate that this would be great to take Holden to as he is very into pirates lately. I do the research and find out that not only is Peter Pan in town, but we can also go to the hotel where the cast is staying and have brunch with the characters. I now have this idealistic family weekend planned.

I called the number listed for tickets, they pawn me off to to the ticket center, who then sends me to an actual ticket counter at one of the nearby malls. Because heaven forbid anything is simply a one-step process!

We arrive at the bookstore ticket counter and are told that children under 7 are not allowed at the evening shows(out the window goes my idea of our little family dressed for the theatre.) In a way, I understand this, young children can be disruptive, they can't sit still, they kick the seats of patrons in front of them. Although in the back of my mind I am thinking, Holden isn't like that, any child that has made it the 16 hours over here on a plane surely can handle 2 hours of Peter Pan! We talk and decide we will just do matinee show. The ticket agent then asks us how old he is. Of course we tell her three, thinking that maybe there is a child fare. Nope, no kids under 4 are allowed at Peter Pan....EVER.

Ahhh...another one of those Manila Moments...

We weren't trying to take Holden Doctor Zhivago or even Fiddler on the Roof! It was Peter Pan. Peter Pan is a CHILD'S STORY. Peter Pan is a ride at Disneyland. Peter Pan has lost boys and fairies and hungry crocodiles and pirates. Peter Pan is about staying a kid!!! Do you see a theme here? Peter Pan actually equals being a child. Guess that the adults that run the show did grow up. Too bad they forgot about Neverland.

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Anonymous said...

Oh my god, I can't believe they wouldn't let you take him! You should have told them he was 7, just small for his age!