Monday, February 05, 2007

Just a little sign that you did something right.

Holden is modest. Beyond modest really. He doesn't like anyone to see his private parts, that is completely reasonable. Not just that though, he doesn't want anyone to see his underwear, he does not want anyone to see his chest either. Where is this coming from? We have no idea. But I can assure you that after going through boxes and albums of Nate's high school years with his friends, full moons and naked snowmobiling it certainly was not from him!

Holden's other modest moments come when he goes to the bathroom, the door HAS to be closed, he says, "I need my privacy." All of my friends kids shout from the bathrooms, "MOM, I need a wipe!" Not our Holden, he flushes the toilet BEFORE he asks us for help. (Yeah, he is going to die when he reads this post as a deeply embarrassed teenager.)

This is how we know we are doing something right as parents. Today we came home from watching the super bowl and Holden was in the bathroom. Nate went in to check on him, see if he needed any help. He was met with, "No Dad! Only Divina can wipe my bum!" Lucky Divina! We're keeping her!

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