Monday, February 05, 2007

The little things, like ovens and refrigerators.

Last week we headed over to the new home, so check on the progress. Things are coming along FAST for the Philippines and for the most part we have been pleasantly surprised; all 7 of the aircon untis are installed and working, the curtains have been made, all 3 of the bedrooms have furniture and all of the construction work is done. It was all going so well, until the other day...when we saw our new oven. You know those playsets you can buy at pottery barn kids. The little ones, that are kid size? Um, yeah, it was that size but with real power. It was like an easy bake oven on steroids. I AM NOT KIDDING, and if Nate were home right now I would pull the picture off of his phone and post it!

Nate could barely fit his fist in there. Now you might wonder why we would ever need to roast a fist in the oven, but you never know. Needless to say we would never be able to bake a cake or a turkey or really anything. The space for the oven is large. Very large, like 6 burner large. The stove that is occupying this space is able to fit under the kitchen sink. In fact if it were a bad color, we could just store it under there until it needed to be used. "Honey, we are having roast for dinner tonight, could you take the oven out?" This was only made more frustrating by the dryer, which was too large to fit in its new space. Maybe we could just switch the two; stove in the laundry room and dryer in the kitchen. It's a thought!

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