Monday, February 05, 2007


Last weekend we headed out of the city again. It is so nice to get out of the pollution and chaos of a big city! We packed up the TP van and headed out with Jeffrey and Ico again to the province of Zambales. It is a mere 3 hours away up past through the mountains and past Subic Bay. It was a real eye-opener for Nate and I as this was our first trip out into the suburbs of Manila. I of course came prepared to buy anything we might find along the way and we stopped numerous times at little side road shops to peruse the furniture and chotskis.

Sand? What sand?

The beach was beautiful and the weather was perfect, not to hot nor cold. We stayed at what seemed like the only "resort" on the beach and there was hardly a tourist in sight. It was splendid. The waves were quite large and while we wanted to head to the islands you can see in many of the pictures, it was too rough to take any of the boats out; it made for good surfing though. We had a great time, and Nate even made the statement several times; "We should come back here every other month." We'll see if he sticks to it, as each new place we go to is his "favorite."

The local children, always quick to play with Holden, buried him in the sand.

Have a seat! One of the roadside shops

Just me and My Dad. (also one of the books Holden is so into right now)

We were all having fun...don't ask me what Ico is doing, I have no idea.

Holden loving on the mama.


View from our resort

Plowing the rice fields with a kalabaw (water buffalo)

Swinging from the trees, this kid...our kid!

Obvious, right?

Holden and Ico in a little stream that heads to the ocean.

Surfs Up!

Holden in the sunset.

Building a "fort" with Daddy

The boy just keeps going and going.

View from the road.

Mmm, tasted like chicken! These lizards were for sale along the roadside for $10 USD., not really.

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