Sunday, November 26, 2006

Little Feet

This is the Mizuno Badmitton Championship in the middle of Market Market, a picture of Manila Bay and Holden in a PINK jeep at Market Market, where you can rent a "car" for 5 cents for 5 minutes(we will be coming back here a lot).

Ever since we arrived in Manila, we have been promising Holden that we would take him to Happy Feet, but with Nate's crazy schedule, sleep and trying to find living quarters, we haven't had much time. We finally made it this weekend, to what Holden calls Little Feet. We watched it on an IMAX screen at the Mall of Asia (the 3rd largest mall in the WORLD...that's right ANNA, the 3rd LARGEST!!!) Holden was very thrilled(this picture is him on the ride home) and we were more than happy about the price: under $20 USD for tickets for all three of us, a bag of popcorn an ice tea and a diet coke. Here, that is expensive. Try that in the states. While we didn't have time to shop, I am sure to make a trip back soon!

Speaking of shopping...our friends, Ico(who is from Manila) and Jeffrey(who is from Utah, but has lived here 3 years and works for Nate) think it is funny that after 2 days in the country, I know of almost every mall in the region: the Mega Mall, the Powerplant, the Podium, the Shangri-la Plaza, Market Market, Greenhills, etc. There is a mall on every corner and 5 Starbucks on every other, it is crazy

Jeffrey and Ico had us over to their condo for Thanksgiving Dinner with all the fixins. They learned how to cook a turkey via Martha Stewart and it was delicious. I knew from the moment Holden and I walked into Nate's office on the first night that Jeffrey and I would be fast friends and he and Ico have been so helpful and hospitable since we arrived. They have made the transition much easier than expected and I will be forever grateful for their friendship.

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