Friday, November 24, 2006

The departure...and arrival

We have arrived safe and sound...the airline did a number on us and $900 in additional "fees" later and almost 24 hours in airports and on airplanes we did arrive in Manila on my birthday. Nate was sweet as always and had a birthday cake waiting at the hotel...only is said; "Happy 28th Birthday Melissa Love, Bryan." Seems there was a mix-up at the bakery, or Bryan, who works for Nate, wanted extra brownie points for remembering my birthday. The picture didn't get snapped before someones little paws made it into the box! Either way, it was delicious and much different from cakes at home with marshmallow frosting. Our tastebuds are just one of the many things we are finding that require adjustments here.

The flight was long long and more long, but we were so exhausted from the packing that we almost slept the entire time. I truly started to freak out when we transferred to Philippine Air in LAX where we were a few among a handfull of American's on the flight. It is a strange feeling coming to the realization that you aren't just going on vacation....we are MOVING and LIVING in another country. While on more than one occasion, while driving from the airport to our hotel I saw my life flash before my eyes, after 3 days here, we are used to the driving and have not seem on accident. There seem to be no traffic lights or lanes or laws for that matter and apparantly it works! Who knew.

Holden has been a real trooper. While on several occasions we have heard, " I want to go back to Utah," and one very poignant moment that brought tears to out eyes, while loooking out the window where he exclaimed, "DAD, I think I can see Utah from here!!!"

He talks a lot about his friends back home and we hope that once we get settled and meet some friends he will adjust even more, but when you are leaving friends like this, it has to be hard!

Then again, leaving friends like this is hard for all of us! I love these girls!!!

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