Sunday, June 13, 2010

This face

Does this face look like it could cause sleepless nights and early mornings and pure chaos? That head of reddish curls, those rosy cheeks and big brown eyes the color of junior mints along with the chubby little arms and legs bring us such joy and wreak havoc in our home! Finro, chubba bubba, Deuce, FinnleyGrinley our little pumpkin climbs out of his crib...FAST. He can also open doors, including the FRONT door. The best part of this (insert sarcasm) is that as he plans his escape route, he doesn't necessarily come and wake us up. Often he just decides to go exploring. Do you have any idea what kind of trouble a 1.5 year old can get into at 5am within a 3 story home? Yeah. We are exhausted.


lisa said...

Our little Paige did that too. We got her a crib tent. Best thing we ever did! He's adorable. Looks so much like you Melissa!

Julie said...

Oh, but that FACE!!!