Tuesday, April 20, 2010


As he gets older his cute little sayings are becoming fewer. It makes me sad as it is a sure sign he is growing up. Here are a few of the latest gems:

Coming home from school with an envelope decorated with flowers and sunshine and a long string taped to each side: "Look Mom, I made you a purse because I know you can never have too many, and tomorrow I am going to make dad a Man-Bag." He SO gets his parents. My closet is jam full and Nate has been searching for the perfect man-bag for ages. Bless his little fashionable heart!

Walking home from the swimming pool we were all joking about something and he says, "I see that coy smile mom."

After we got back from our vacation to Bali: "This was the best vacation, it SO helped me."

About a local French bakery here: "If you go into this restaurant it will change your life forever because the food is so good!"

About a band on disney: "These guys have mad skills. They really know how to throw a party."

"Holden you are doing so well" says Dad at t-ball. "No, my team is doing well."

My heart swells with this kid. He is so full of love.

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