Friday, June 26, 2009

Life...with a 5 year old

It's busy. Always. And it's rough and tumble and there are lots of giggles and tickling and loving and snuggling. There is reading chapter books and playing video games and watching silly cartoons. There are experiments and scooters and bikes. Swimming, legos, building and destroying. There are things that are hilarious to him that really aren't that funny. But we let him believe they are because that's what parents are for and it helps make that childhood last just a little bit longer. I love it. I love him.

practicing his taekwondo moves.
Star wars, an all time favorite around here and even better now with the jedi robe from Nama!

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Team AC said...


I have SO missed reading your blog over the past couple months! What happened is that China blocked blogger, which means I couldn't read anyone's blogs, and also couldn't update mine. We are back in Canada for the summer right now so I can work on it from here, and hopefully China will have come to their senses and un-blocked blogger by the time we get back!
I just caught up on all your posts and still LOVE reading them. What Nate wrote for Father's Day was excellent, and so very touching... you sound like you have an awesome husband who is a terrific daddy to your boys. Way to go!!