Thursday, June 25, 2009

busy business

Finnley is a growin'. The little sprite won't stop despite how much I beg him to stay baby. Almost seven months old and with two very sharp teeth he is non-stop entertainment.

He is a very happy baby always sing-songing through the day. I call him my little dove because of all the lovely cooing he does. He has been known to say "dada" and "mama" and even "baba" but only in tempting us. He is rare to vocalize these little combinations. He shreiks with excitement whenever Holden shows his beaming face. He absolutely adores his kuya and will watch his every move as he bounds around the house as 5 year-olds do. Whenever he can get a grip of those golden locks he does and this morning he proceeded to pull a handfull out as well.

He is moving and shaking around the house. His crawl started out like a new turtle racing into the ocean. Up on his hands and knees rocking and the propelling himself forward onto his stomach arms and legs flailing about until he got back up on his hands a knees and again propelled his body forward. It was hilarious. Now he has resorted to army crawl with a little knee action. I am sure our time in America (on carpet) will result in a full speed ahead.

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