Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Recent Holdenisms

We asked Holden a few questions the other day and his answers were, as usual, quite funny.

What is something that Mommy and Daddy always say to you?
What does Mommy do for a job?
"Umm, is that a trick question?"
What does Daddy do for a job?
"Make money."
What makes Mommy happy?
"Me and Finnley."
What makes Daddy happy?
"Me and Mommy and Finnley."
How old is Mommy?
How old is Daddy?
"Seventy-one, oh wait, seventy-two."

Another comment in the car the other day.
"It's pretty weird having a mom who begs for a wii."

When chatting about taking money to buy recycled gifts from one of the older classes at school who are raising money for a class pet; "they said please come so they can make lots of money to buy a class pet, like a gecko, snake or a lion or tiger."


Kimberly said...

Cute stuff! Your not the only Mom that begs for a Wii! I begged enough that I finally got one ;)

Team AC said...

that is SO funny!

Julie said...

We are all super cool wanting Wiis!

Holden cracks me up -- I love that Nate's happy people are you and the boys but for you it's all the boys!

Fianlly, LOVE the trick question comment! That's just exactly what they think about us, isn't it????

I'd like to have Holden over for lunch soon, okay??? :)