Sunday, March 22, 2009

Almost 4 months

WOW, that flew by. A little update on our tinniest sprite.

We find ourselves continually enamoured by our little guy. He looks so much like Holden, but longer and more slender. He finally outgrew his first outfit the other day! His big eyes are large and striking and we are still trying to figure out what color they are. We have his hair narrowed down to blonde brown or red depending on the day! He is a little chameleon. He rolls over both directions now, but not with purpose yet, more random twists and turns.
He is a little screamer too, there is no slow boil with Finnley, he cries with purpose instantly and once his needs are met he takes some time to calm back down. He graces us with his smiles and giggles and babbles frequently and still loves to be carried close and tight to Mom in any wrap or pack that we have. Charmed most into smiles by his Kuya (Big brother in filipino). Where Holden was a mamas boy, Finnley is proving to be most happy and thrilled with Nate. Certain to be a thumb sucker, he is much happier to munch on his hands these days rather than his pacifier.

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Lisa said...

Finn Is so adorable!!!