Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Any time a conversation starts like this, you know you're in for trouble

"Mom, can you ask Dad to put a nail in my bedroom wall so I can hang my slingshot just like dennis the menace?"

Holden asked Nate to make him a slingshot last week. He drew a picture of it at school and lucky for us our driver, Ed, is pretty darn crafty and offered not only advice on what tree to use but showed up Sunday with a branch cut down to size and sanded along with all the rubber bands and leather parts needed to make it all come together. Holden has been shooting "cokalite" cans down with wet paper balls for the past two days.

Shhh, we haven't told him that rocks and marbles can be used too. I don't think we're ready for that.


kathy said...

I've really enjoyed your blogs. Full of great info for someone just arriving in Manila.

Kelsey Riley said...

ha ha! that is too funny! yeah the longer he doesn't know the main thing used with slingshots are rocks the better! lol :D