Tuesday, January 06, 2009


They are laughable. Family photos are rarely enjoyable for anyone. Especially family photos of a photographer's family! But...we did them anyway!

Was there stress? Yes. Were there threats? Yes. Were there blinking eyes, fake smiles and sad faces? Yes, yes and yes. Were there tears? No. Did we triumph? Yes. Will you ever see them? Of course, if you send me your address so I can mail you a card!

Finnley (the perfect baby, who never cries) SCREAMED and would not let the pacifier out of his mouth. What was going on with him today I will never know. Holden (the model, who makes a "living" doing this thing) was full of fake smiles and many "I need to take a break" excuses. Nate did his part well. I laughed so I wouldn't cry. Great day all around!

A moment captured where you can't see the Finnley's favorite friend (the pacifier)

And here is the usual look for our little sprite: don't mess with the paci.

The boys. 5 years old and 5 weeks old. My how time flies.

I adore Holden's imagination at this age. He is full of expressions and stories and dreams. Legos and tinker toys have provided him with endless possibilities to his imagination. He makes himself battle ships and jet packs out of them. He builds forts and flies through space. He draws pictures and makes up songs for Finn. He got his very own brush in his stocking from Santa and is so very serious when he combs his hair just right, ever strand in place. He questions EVERYTHING to the point where we are exhausted and really quite speechless in our answers because really, who knows what happens when black goes into a black hole?
When Finnley is upset he pats his head, sings twinkle twinkle little star and says "It's ok Finn, I'm here, your brother is right here."

Finnley is changing literally before our eyes. He is so much more aware every day. He is focusing on faces and voices now and we have started to see real smiles the past couple of days. He coos and chats up a little squak every once in a while. He is very expressive in the faces he makes and we are able to tell very quickly from whichever little groan, grunt or cry that comes out exactly what he wants: to be fed, to be changed, to be held or just a little singing and attention. It makes life pretty easy around these parts!


Julie said...

They are gorgeous and I loved this post. There's just something about them at these ages, isn't there?

I'd love a card. You never got mine. Sorry.

Email me when you get a chance.

Linsey said...

You are very brave to get family pics this early. I think I'm going to wait until spring at least so we can do them outside. Your boys are very cute!

The Homer House said...

How those are precious. Family pictures? You know that goes with us, first hand!
Finn is changing, he is adorable, how I would love to squeeze him! And Holden is just too cute! I love the pictures and I would LOVE you to send us one!
Hope all is well! Miss ya. Love ya all!