Thursday, October 02, 2008

Time for catch up!

September was a busy month for us. Holden and I traveled back to the good old US of A for serious R&R. Poor Nate, was left behind in Manila, but he managed on his own just fine...with a maid and a nanny and a driver all devoted to picking up after him. Oh, and he had a beard to shampoo and condition! Even through the major sciatic nerve pain and one parent down, we managed to have a great time.
Holden and Uncle Caleb after picking onions from the neighbors garden
Anna me and Danielle. The two people I always see when we come to town. We all have one child the same age and have been close for years!
Holden ate his weight in raspberries and chocolate milk (I am not kidding) at Nate's parents and and equal amount of peaches back in Idaho. He was lucky enough to have a birthday celebration in each state. The one in Utah included a small group of friends he spent the first 3 years of his life growing up with and horseback riding and four wheeler rides courtesy of Uncle Tyler. They all had a really good time and it was a great excuse for me to see all of the moms!

Giddy-up on Lucky. At the birthday party.

Holden and Papa, climbing hay bales in the barn.
Transformer birthday cake and pace bars, what more does a 5 year old need?
Celebrating in Idaho. My first and last homemade cake!
The best part of any party! The presents!

A sure sign of a successful birthday...surrounded by toys and asleep my 6:15pm!
The weather was perfect and I even managed to work through the pain and get a fair amount of shopping done (ok, 4 large boxes and 2 big bags worth!) but a lot of that came from the FABULOUS baby shower thrown by Brooke! Not only were the invitations and decor adorable but it was the icing on the cake to see old friends and extended family. Since we never make it home for any of the holidays or get-togethers it was such a treat to see everyone again. So, for those of you reading this...a million thanks for coming and making my trip all the better!
Family and friends at the baby shower.
The three "Simpson Girls" these two are the best!
Sherri, my maid of honor at our wedding and former roommate in Boise!

Alysia, me and Julie. My two best friends from way back in high school and before! I am behind the ball as they both have 4 kids now but we have all managed to have baby boys this year. Oooh, and their babies are both yummy!
The cake, it was the cutest thing ever and tasted even better. One layer of vanilla lemon and the other chocolate raspberry. Mmmmm.
More family enjoying cousin Katie's baby Amanda, the star of the show!

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Jan Rhoades said...

hey Melissa! It was great fun seeing you again at the baby shower. We miss not seeing you at the family gatherings. I'm glad we have this blog to keep updated on you. Check out mine and Linsey's blog. She had her baby 3 weeks early.