Friday, March 21, 2008

March in Manila has been busy

I haven't had time to post anything lately as we have been running around to numerous Easter parties

fun fun Birthday parties,
a few commercial and catalog shoots

and as some of you may not be surprised to hear, I have taken on another task as the 2nd VP of the American Women's club. How many vice presidents does it take to run this organization you may ask: only 3! Oh, and a slew of other talented committed women.

Nate on the other hand has been the local Starbucks (this photo is not posed, he REALLY did fall asleep while having the morning latte with Paul, Helen and myself). When I showed him this photo moments later in the car, his response was; "When was that taken?" Can you say narcolepsy? Ah the price he pays for his job.
Nate had an exciting opportunity the other day to play an FBI agent in a movie with Dean Cain( was being filmed here in Manila. He started as an extra but ended up having a slightly larger role and is very excited to let his brother-in-law Travis know that he made it to agent status first. He was a little too excited to be carrying around a gun the whole day. The movie (at least his part) was filmed at a home, scratch that, mansion owned by the Sultan of Brunei. According to those on the inside (aka Nate) the place was over the top ornate with gold everywhere.
So, that's our life in a nutshell. I think it's time for a trip to the beach...

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