Friday, March 21, 2008

Fridays are for fodder

Here is our newest thing: Friday Fodder. The insanity of the things we experience need to be shared with you, really they do!!!
As seen at Chelsea. I can't even imagine the looks I would get out in socks and heels. Not only socks and heels, but white shoes and black socks, isn't that as sacrilege as white pants after labor day? She had a cute short black dress on with this get-up but I was trying to be discreet :)


Jeffrey said...

this is sooooooo funnnnyy!

Only YOU would take a pic of this! hahahhaa!

notso said...

Hi Melissa! I have spent the last 30 minutes catching up with you (without your knowledge) and enjoyed your blog and most recent post.
Life is good and you apparently have that figured out. I am happy to read about you both and the boys and am glad you are seeing a part of the world that is beautiful.
We are very good too - I am in grad school full time (layed off and then retired in March - couldn't be happier about it) and love being asked to think and create instead of be a robot and slave.

McKinley (and Jenner)had her third baby in February so now there is Eli - 5, Sofia - 3, and Baby Jack - 6 months. She is creative and a good mom and has a nice life.

McCall was married to Kimberly in February and they are still smiling. They live in University Student Housing while Kimberly goes to Grad School and McCall finishes college.

We travel a lot; are knocking off most places in the world more than once and love to come home even more.

I have loved you always and am glad to say, "Hey!"