Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

Easter is much different here than back home. There is no ham and "funeral potatoes" or family dinners but there are good friends and Easter brunch, and that is as much as we can ask for! Holden woke up to find that good old cotton-tail had remembered him with a basket of goodies. Unfortunately there aren't aisles and aisles of egg decorating kits here, so there was no egg hunt this morning. In fact, I am pretty sure he has no idea what dying eggs is about. Will have to remember to doctrinate him in that when we return to the States.

We went to the Makati Shangrila with this wild group.
and managed to spend WAY too much money!!! Too painful to tell you the number in US dollars but if you want to figure it out just divide it by 40. No new bags for me this week!
Afterwards we grabbed Holden and headed to some other friends house or a great BBQ and some swimming.

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Kimberly said...

Cute little Easter basket! We keep Easter low key here too! Way too commercialized in my opinion. And I did the math on your brunch. Ouch! When are you coming back to the states for good? We need some family pictures when you do!