Friday, March 28, 2008

Friday Fodder

Take a look at this photo: Does this look like an "All American Family" to you?

It was taken at a casting call for a major fast food chain here that we took Holden to a few weeks ago. Lets go through it bit by bit. The "father," dark haired American. The "kids," fair skined, blonde haired and light eyed. The "mother" Filipina. Call me crazy either this "dad" is on his 2nd marriage or the kids are adopted. Look at little man, the smallest one. He ended up having a minor crush on the "mom" and stuck with her throughout the actual commercial shoot. Pictured below is the set-up for the shoot. It was a birthday party theme in Las Vegas and Holden was crushed to find out that the mascot for said fast food chain was a fake in a costume. Guess the Easter Bunny and Santa are next.

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