Thursday, February 28, 2008

If you take a dog to school...

Holden's class is studying pets this term and dogs in particular. Today was Holden's day to bring his pet to school and for 2 weeks...every day...two or three times a day...he has been asking if it is pet day. You can imagine the wait has been exhausting for he and I both!

He was so very excited when we showed up today Percy on hand for the BIG DAY. He kept saying things like; "Mom, isn't this just the perfect day." and "Dad don't you think today is just such a great day?" He was thrilled to introduce his classmates to Percy and explain everything about him. "Percy barks and runs all around when the doorbell rings." and "Percy and I have the same hair color."

Percy was a trooper and was even patient enough to stamp all the kids papers with his paw dipped in ink.

the class

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