Friday, February 08, 2008

There's no place like home: UTAH

Back in Utah found us busy with more family and some beloved friends! Holden spent time with his "best buddy" cousin Jaxson and little friends he grew-up with. He played with the favorite member of the May clan: Uncle TYLER, made a snowman, played in the snow fort and "helped" nama Connie push snow with the four wheeler. Nate and I had a great time catching up with family and friends while enjoying the fresh-mex food we miss the most. I spent a lot of time in both states shopping and collecting more shoes...oops.

We went to Snowbasin and Holden thoroughly enjoyed his first time on the slopes and impressed Nate and I both (another post of this later).

outside the lodge after his first time skiing

sword fights and pretend pirates were a popular activity in Utah

Spending time with Grandma Grandma

Making sugar cookies

Ready to go

plowing snow

3 generation trying to figure out how to build a snowman

ALWAYS throwing snow at mommy

The finished product

Holden, Jaxson and Oakley after the UnBirthday party Nama had for them

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Anonymous said...

What fun pictures and memories. Jaxson and Oakley miss Holden and want to know when he is coming back! I am glad that we got to visit and "work" things out...I sure do love and appreciate you all. Can't wait to see you again, soon, right? You'll be back to see the baby? :)
Love ya! P.S. send me an email, I don't have your correct address.