Monday, November 26, 2007

Beijing continued

I love this picture of Holden just inside The Forbidden City. The bike going by was so typical and frustrating but I think it captures a little of the culture of our trip.

Our next day in Beijing found us touring The Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square. Luckily you can start at one sight and work your way down to the other with A LOT of walking.

View of Coal Hill from The Forbidden City

Inside the walls

Soldiers marching between The Forbidden City and Tiananmen Square.

Nate and Holden at the Square, it is huge and there are cameras everywhere yet absolutely no acknowledgement of what happened in 1989.

Nate checking his map...this was how he looked frequently throughout the trip but we never got lost! Even on the subway.

Yes, we bribed our child the entire vacation with a trip to the toy store and other spoils...Beijing is not exactly the BEST place to take a 4 year old, but as I said before he was a trooper! After the long walk we took the subway(which Holden loved) to the toy store. I love finding toys you would never see in America. We didn't get this, but we DID find some transformers a puzzle map of China and a couple of Chinese.
Here is Holden with a 100. Holden is always asking for a 100. In Manila 100 in the equivelent of 2 bucks, in China is is about 14 dollars. I can't wait until we are back in America and he asks Nate in his very loud booming voice, "DAD, can I have another 100?"
We ended up the day at the theatre watching the amazingly talented acrobats.

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britt stromberg said...

Great photos, Melissa.

I love reading about your adventures. What a fabulous trip.

Hope you're all well. You look happy!