Thursday, November 29, 2007

And continued some more!

We found ourselves at Summer Palace. One of the most beautiful places we went to. It was enormous with lots of ground to cover. Wide open spaces, water, bridges and more. We trekked to the bridge across and back and then left to do one of my favorite things: shop for treasures.

Water calligraphy in Summer Palace

We went to Liulichang Street, which used to be the cultural center for artists during the Ming dynasty. There are shops and shops of art supplies, paintings, scrolls and chops. No, not chopsticks, chops are a signature seal that is used in China especially on paintings to mark their authenticity as well as everyday to sign a check or a card. In additon we found a paper cutting and a few paitings in this area.

Holden waiting while the artist carves his chop

She lets him do calligraphy while he waits

The finished product

Typical guy picture! :)

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