Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Hair and lack thereof

When it's hot here, it is HOT. When it's not hot here, it is still HOT. Shaving ones head seems like a great way to stay cool, and I guess since it works for Nate, he thinks Holden should do it too. YEAH RIGHT.

Holden insists and whines and cries every time he gets a hair cut that he doesn't want it cut like daddy. It may be because Nate teases him about it...but that is a battle for another day. Holden's friend on the other hand, is enthralled with Nate's "hair cut" and insisted that he have the same cut as "Holden's daddy." we have it folks, Nate's proud moment.

UPDATE: Holden STILL doesn't want his hair cut like Daddy.

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